Medically Reviewed by Dr. Christopher Chan


One of the things our doctor in Pasadena has noticed over his many years of being in practice is that, while there is definitely an interest amongst their patients in sedation dentistry, many of them are unaware of what options are actually available to them when it comes to this type of dentistry.

Unfortunately, a lot of this is due to the fact that there are a number of misconceptions, and in some instances, flat out myths, floating around about sedation dentistry, and what options are available to a prospective patient. With all of that in mind, let’s take a few moments and examine some of the most popular options available with regards to sedation dentistry in Pasadena today.

Option 1: Laughing Gas

Of all of the possible ways a person can receive sedation dentistry in Pasadena, this one is, by far, the one that most practitioners, including our doctors, are likely to use. There are several different reasons why this ends up being the go-to-choice so frequently. It can be quickly and easily administered in a non-invasive fashion, it does not cause any pain during its administration, and it wears off in five to ten minutes after the dosage is stopped.

It should also be noted that out of all the options listed here, this is the only one which a patient can drive themselves home from after being administered.

Option 2: Oral Sedation

Despite sometimes going by the rather oxymoronic name of “conscious sedation,” oral sedation is actually a rather straightforward approach to sedation dentistry. It simply involves a patient taking a pill before the procedure starts, and in some instances, a patient will be required to take an additional the pill the night before as well.

Many patients state they do not remember any of the procedure after having undergone it, despite the fact that they were awake during the entire thing. Depending on a patient’s individual situation, they may find themselves hooked up to a machine which monitors their vitals as well throughout the procedure.

Option 3: IV Sedation

In terms of sedation dentistry, this is considered one of the more intense options. It will likely only be used in the event where a patient is undergoing multiple procedures on the same day, or one single procedure that requires more time to complete, such as receiving dental implants.

In this variation, the dentist hooks the patient up to an IV and administers the sedative directly into their bloodstream. The patient is still awake but is more heavily sedated than in the first two options.

Option 4: General Anesthesia

Of the four available options, this one is, by far, the most rarely used. In this scenario, the patient is put completely to sleep with the use of an IV drip. This is only used in cases where the patient legitimately needs to be put asleep for a procedure, not just for emotional anxiety.

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