Medically Reviewed by Dr. Christopher Chan


If you’re a Pasadena resident considering having dental implants placed by Foothill Center for Dental Implants and Oral Surgery, you may be wondering, “How do I take care of my dental implants?” By now, you’ve probably already heard that dental implants are a long-lasting tooth replacement option, which is likely why you are thinking about getting dental implants in the first place. But, did you know that dental implants have a 10% failure rate, and that without proper oral hygiene and treatments, your dental implants may fail – meaning they don’t fuse with your jawbone, they become loose, or they fall out? No Pasadena resident wants to make an investment in dental implants, only for them to fail later down the road. Read on to learn how often you need to get check ups on your dental implants, as well as other proper oral hygiene tips to make sure your dental implants stay in place for a long time.

Continue Visiting Your Regular Dentist Twice Annually

Whether you’re a Pasadena resident with one dental implant or a mouth full of them, you should continue visiting your regular dentist twice annually – about once every six months – for regular check ups. Why, you ask? Well, even if you no longer have any natural teeth, you still have the potential for developing gum disease, or periodontitis, as well as other bacterial infections of the mouth, all of which could put your dental implants at risk. You need your dental implants cleaned of bacteria regularly, as well as your gums checked for gum diseases.

Visit Foothill Center for Dental Implants and Oral Surgery Once a Year

While your regular Pasadena dentist can keep your mouth free of bacteria through bi-annual checkups, only your dental implants specialist can ensure that your prosthetics are fusing properly with your jawbone, and performing, as they should. As such, we recommend that you visit us once a year for X-rays and an annual checkup on your dental implants, whether you have a single dental implant or multiple.

Care for You Dental Implants All Year Long

Just because you have a false tooth or teeth, doesn’t mean they don’t require proper care. In addition to your bi-annual dental checkups and annual specialist appointment, Pasadena dental implant patients should:

  • Brush their teeth and implants twice daily;
  • Floss once a day, using a “C” motion in between implants and teeth to properly clean in between them;
  • Avoid smoking, as smoking is a leading cause of dental implant failure.

The Importance of Maintaining Proper Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene is important at every stage of life. No matter how many dental implants you have, failing to take care of your gums, implants and/or remaining teeth can have serious consequences, including bacteria growth, bad breath and a dangerous condition called peri-implantitis that could lead to implant failure.

If you have additional questions about how to properly maintain and care for your dental implants, don’t be afraid to ask. The team at Foothill Center for Dental Implants and Oral Surgery is here to help. To get all your dental implant questions answered, schedule an appointment today by calling (626) 792-3161.