Zygomatic implants can be an excellent solution for patients who want the benefits of dental implants but who are not good candidates for the typical implant process.

One of the reasons that dental implants are so durable and are able to offer the functionality of your original teeth is that they form a strong bond with the bone in your jaw. However:

  • Not every patient has enough bone to create this bond.
  • Some patients have other anatomical challenges that prevent this approach.

Zygomatic implants overcome these issues, allowing you to have dental implants in the upper jaw without requiring extensive bone grafting.

About Zygomatic Implants

Instead of attaching to the jaw bone, zygomatic implants anchor to the zygomatic bone: the cheek bone just lateral to the eye. They enter through the sinus, so these implants tend to be longer than the typical implant.

As a patient of Lytle, Tate and Stamper:

  • You should recognize no difference in the look, feel, function, or surgical experience of zygomatic implants.
  • You will be under general anesthesia so that you stay comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure.
  • You can have the procedure immediately rather than having to build up the bone in the jaw with grafts.

The Benefits of Zygomatic Implants

The most significant advantage that zygomatic implants offer is that they are graftless. Choosing this approach means avoiding a series of time-consuming and costly procedures to build up the bone in the jaw, which may not be an option for some patients.

Zygomatic implants have no recovery or uncovering procedure. You can expect to benefit from the same features that dental implants offer:

A strong foundation that restores full functionality to your bite.

Aesthetic improvement to missing or damaged teeth.

Durable results that should last for years.

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