No one anticipates a medical emergency, but when one occurs, you need to move quickly. This is especially true in situations involving your teeth, though, often, these are overlooked as being emergent in nature. In truth, sudden damage to your teeth can be as debilitating as damage to your bones or vital organs.

The good news is, in Glendale, emergency dental implants are provided by Lytle, Tate & Stamper. Locally available specialist means being able to save yourself a time-consuming drive into LA to treat a dental emergency, and as with any other type of emergency, time isn’t something you have to spare. “Why would I need emergency dental implants?” you ask. The answers rarely come until the emergency itself hits you.

It’s About More Than Your Smile

Your teeth do more than make up a winning smile. They’re vital to your ability to chew and swallow food, and when they’re damaged, they can make your life miserable. Damage can come from a loose crown, physical injury, or even something as seemingly trivial as a hard seed or bone in your food, but the pain of a damaged tooth can make it impossible to focus on anything else. The longer you wait, not only do you feel greater discomfort, but you risk doing further harm to the affected teeth.

The Benefits of Immediate Treatment

Glendale emergency dental implants patients receive a number of benefits from immediate treatment including:

  • No Missing Teeth: though not the most important benefit where health is concerned, the self-consciousness of being in public with missing teeth is something everyone would rather forgo
  • Preserved Chewing Power: emergency implants allow you to eat normally without pain and without having to awkwardly avoid sensitive spots in your bite
  • Protection From Further Damage: the longer damaged teeth remain untreated, the more you risk further damage, not just to the damaged teeth but the surrounding teeth as well

In the case of an emergency, speed is of the essence, but it’s comforting to know that help is nearby when the unexpected arises.

We have decades of experience in the field of dental surgery and an office conveniently located in Pasadena. If you find yourself in need of immediate treatment, contact Pasadena’s emergency dental implants specialists at Lytle, Tate & Stamper today.

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