It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie: zygomatic implants. In truth, they’re an aspect of dentistry, and for people with certain dental conditions, they can make all the difference. Even better, for residents of Pasadena, zygomatic implants are available locally, saving you a lengthy drive elsewhere. But what are zygomatic implants, and more importantly, are they right for you?

Dental Implants for Those Who Couldn’t Get Dental Implants

For a long time, patients with severe bone loss in their upper jaws were unable to get traditional dental implants, because their bones couldn’t provide sufficient support. Depending upon the location of the desired implant, bone grafts, sinus lifts and similarly complicated procedures were necessary. In many cases, even these techniques were unavailable, leaving no alternative but to live with missing teeth.

Zygomatic implants make use of graftless technology – inserting implants into the cheek bones (which doctors call Zygoma) where they can be properly supported. This process allows dentists to address a large number of dental problems more quickly and efficiently without engaging in long and painful surgical procedures. Healing time is drastically reduced, and many patients now have strong, reliable implants after years without hope.

Trust Your Smile to Us

Our staff consists of Board Certified Oral Surgeons with decades of experience between us, and we’re dedicated to providing a safe and painless experience to all our clients.

Don’t spend another day living with missing teeth. For residents of Pasadena, zygomatic implants by the specialists at Lytle, Tate & Stamper are just a call away. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

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