Older Couple Smiling Sitting On Couch At HomeAs long-time practitioners of restorative dentistry in Pasadena, one of the questions our doctors are most often asked has to do with the success rate of dental implants. Based on scientific studies and surveys that have been conducted around the country, it has been generally determined the success rate of dental implant installation is between 92 and 98%. The quality of the materials has increased drastically over the last several years, as well as the overall refinement of the process.

However, an informed patient, which is what every patient should always strive to be, will want to know more than just a percentage – they will want to know why and what types of factors go into making a dental implant procedure a success. So what things actually determine whether a person will be able to successfully integrate dental implants?

Bone Health and Density

Of all of the factors that go into discussing and receiving dental implants in Pasadena, this one is by far the most important. Because the dental implants must be surgically mounted to a patient’s jawbone in order for them to be effective, there needs to be enough quality jawbone for our doctors to work with so that there is sufficient space for the implants. Bone grafts are the most common course of action for patients who otherwise qualify but do not meet this particular qualification.

Surgical Staging is Also Essential

Another important factor is to take into account how the surgery is going to be staged. As our doctors would happily volunteer to any person, who asked, it is important that the surgery not be done all at one time and broken down into stages, as it greatly increases the odds of the dental implants not being rejected by the patient at a later date.

Oral Hygiene is Crucial to Long-term Implant Success

After a patient has received dental implants in Pasadena, their work is far from done. One of the most important things which they will be responsible for is maintaining excellent oral health after the procedure is successfully completed. Just like regular teeth, these dental implants need to be brushed, flossed, and maintained on a daily basis. The more a patient keeps an eye on their oral health after the procedure, the more likely it is to be a success.

A Patient’s Diet Is Important as Well

Another post-operative thing that prospective patients need to keep in mind regarding their dental implants is keeping up with the diet which their surgeon has advised them to follow. It is important for the patient to follow their soft food diet for up to three months, or however long their doctor has told them is necessary, as it will allow time for the mouth and jawbone to heal correctly. Though it is not directly related to food, a patient should also refrain from smoking for however long the doctor deems necessary.

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