Female Dental Assistant Examining PatientThe removal of wisdom teeth is becoming more and more common in Pasadena as people become increasingly concerned about the aesthetics of their smile. Just look around – more adolescents have braces these days than don’t, and oftentimes a precursor to braces involves having wisdom teeth extraction to make room for the rest of those pearly whites. While most of our wisdom teeth removal patients are in their late teens or early 20s, wisdom teeth can be extracted at any age if deemed necessary by our doctors. But how involved is this procedure, and why do wisdom teeth extractions vary so much? Your cousin may have had exposed wisdom teeth that involved just basic dental tools, little pain, and a quick recovery. While on the other hand, your sister’s impacted wisdom teeth involved more surgical techniques leaving her in more pain and with a longer healing time. In this blog we will discuss the difference between simple vs. complex wisdom teeth extraction, so you will know what to expect from your procedure.

Why Do We Even Have Wisdom Teeth?

It doesn’t seem logical (or fair) that wisdom teeth decide to make an appearance in our late teens or early 20s when the rest of our teeth are securely in our mouths by the time we’re 12. Well, anthropologists believe that wisdom teeth are part of our dental makeup because our early ancestors didn’t have the dental hygiene we have today and often lost teeth due to infection or the tough nature of their diets. Therefore, the delayed appearance of these teeth of wisdom were warmly welcomed once upon a time. But today, they’re just an inconvenience, and for most people, a pain, which is why our doctors at Lytle, Tate & Stamper are here to help provide their Pasadena patients with wisdom teeth extraction – whether simple or complex.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When it comes to wisdom teeth extraction, you won’t find doctors more experienced. During your initial consultation with one of our doctors, they will determine the placement and position of your wisdom teeth and create a treatment plan for your specific needs. They will either classify your wisdom teeth extraction as simple or complex.

• Simple Wisdom Teeth Extraction
When Pasadena men and women have exposed wisdom teeth, their extraction is classified as simple. This is because the removal only requires dental instruments that can grasp the visible part of the tooth. Only local anesthesia is required, and this type of extraction can be performed quickly and with no incisions.

• Complex Wisdom Teeth Extraction
This type of wisdom teeth extraction is more common because most Pasadena residents do not naturally have enough space in their mouths to accommodate a third set of molars. When wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning they are hidden beneath the gum line and are often angled, a complex wisdom teeth extraction is required. This procedure requires an incision and usually requires general anesthesia and the skill of a dental surgeon, like our doctors.

It’s important to point out that even a simple wisdom teeth extraction can turn into a complex procedure if the exposed tooth breaks and surgical techniques are needed. That’s why you should visit our doctors for your wisdom teeth extraction to ensure you’re in good hands from start to finish.

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