Comparing Sedation Dentistry: Glendale’s Lytle, Tate and Stamper Review Anesthesia Options

Lytle, Tate and Stamper provide a variety of oral surgery services and techniques in sedation dentistry. Glendale patients receive top-quality care from doctors with years of experience and with training in the most advanced dental care techniques.

Anesthesia helps patients not feel pain during treatment so that they can receive the care they need. However, many patients have questions or concerns about sedation. The sedation dentistry Glendale patients receive depends on several factors:
• Type of procedure: Certain oral surgeries can be conducted under local anesthesia, which affects only a portion of the mouth. When a Lytle, Tate and Stamper performs a single dental implant, it may be more comfortable and more medically appropriate to numb only the area on which the doctor is operating. However, more in-depth procedures, such as the extraction of multiple wisdom teeth, may call for general anesthesia to ensure that the patient remains comfortable throughout the surgery.
• Health of the patient: Patients in good medical condition are better suited for general anesthesia than those who are not in good health. Lytle, Tate and Stamper doctors will provide a thorough review of the patient’s health before determining an approach to sedation dentistry.
• Patient preference: Glendale patients who are anxious about a particular form of anesthesia may discuss their options with an LTS professional. The doctor will review alternatives with the patient to ensure their comfort with the treatment.

About Local Anesthesia

Glendale patients in need of sedation dentistry may be interested in knowing…
• Local anesthesia blocks pain in a specific part of your body so that you can stay somewhat or completely alert during the procedure. As a result, patients experience less of the grogginess that general anesthesia can cause after treatment.
• Because anesthesia is localized, it may be a safer alternative for some patients, especially those who are not in good health.
• Local anesthesia may be combined with light sedation in order to provide the patient with greater comfort.

Use of General Anesthesia

Patients and doctors may opt for general anesthesia over conscious sedation because:
• The patient is better suited for sedation through general anesthesia, either due to high anxiety or other factors.
• A procedure requires more extensive work. Patients whose wisdom teeth are completely covered in bone may fall into this category.

Whichever form of sedation a patient receives, he or she can feel confident about the training and expertise of the staff at Lytle, Tate and Stamper. The LTS team is medically certified in the delivery of anesthesia, and our offices have operating rooms equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring systems to administer procedures safely.

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