Sad Blond Woman In Red Blouse Sitting In Dental ChairSome of the most frequently asked questions our doctors in Pasadena hear about are the ins and outs of sedation dentistry – specifically, when is the right time to use that type of medicine.

The correct answer to this question, is, actually, anytime a patient may feel like they need it. Sedation dentistry in Pasadena is not only meant for one specific person or type of situation. The reality is that, for many people, going to the dentist is absolutely at the top of their list of fears, and part of the dentist’s job is to make each and every one of their patients feel as comfortable as possible.

A patient should never, at any point in time, be nervous about asking their dentist in Pasadena, including our doctors, about the many different ways in which sedation dentistry can help them. So, what are the most common instances in which sedation dentistry is likely to be used?

General Fear of Dental Procedures

This is probably the most common reason for the usage of sedation dentistry on a regular basis, and for reasons that are totally obvious and understandable. Quite a lot of people are scared of going to the dentist in general, and of dental procedures specifically, so it very much stands to reason that this would be one of the causes for sedation dentistry to be used.

Prior Bad Experiences with the Dentist 

It is amazing how much one bad incident with a dentist can shape a patient’s whole outlook on the profession, especially if the incident occurred when they were a small child. The fact that many people have had bad experiences with the dentist in their past is also a common reason why a patient would be more likely to request sedation dentistry during their visit to our doctors.

Extreme Cases of Oral Sensitivity 

Another instance of a situation where a patient would be interested in requesting sedation dentistry is if they happen to have particularly sensitive oral nerves. Not everyone’s nervous system feels pain or sensitivity in the same way, and if someone does happen to have a particular hair-trigger response in their oral nerves, then sedation dentistry makes things easier for both the dentist and the patient in the long run.

The Patient is Resistant to Local Anesthetic

In certain cases, which, for the most part, are pretty rare, a dental practitioner will find out that the patient they are currently working with is, for whatever reason, resistant to local anesthetic. In those types of situations, it absolutely makes sense for our doctors to put a patient under sedation, as one of any dentist’s primary goals is to make sure that their patient is completely comfortable at all times.

There are also several other reasons why a patient might want to further explore sedation dentistry.

If that happens to sound like you or someone you know, contact our doctors at our Pasadena office by phone at (818) 208-5800.

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