One of the fears our patients have about dental implants is that they won’t be inserted correctly. While the years of experience of Drs. Lytle, Tate, and Stamper should put that fear to rest, patients who need even more comfort can relax knowing our practice uses X-Nav technology. This revolutionary method of 3D navigation enables our doctors to get the exact implant position, angle, and depth on a single target, greatly increasing the chance of implant success.

What Is X-Nav Technology?

Position, angle, and depth are three of the most important factors when placing a dental implant, and the X-Nav system provides precision in these measurements. In particular, our doctors use the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation tool for more accurate implant surgery.

During the implant surgery, X-Guide gives our doctors a live look at a 3D rendering of the patient’s mouth. This interactive display provides turn-by-turn guidance so our doctors can see exactly where the implant needs to go. All they need to do is look at the screen and concentrate on the focus point to ensure the implant is inserted correctly. The system is also color-coded to indicate when the depth is at an appropriate level.

How Does X-Nav Technology Work?

The first step in using X-Nav technology begins at the initial consultation. Our doctors will make an impression of the patient’s teeth (called an X-Clip). Once these have dried, they’ll be placed in the patient’s mouth while our doctors perform a scan. Then, they can use the scan data to plan out the surgery.

During the surgery, our doctors will calibrate the handpiece, place the X-Clip back into the mouth, and follow the instructions provided by the system.

What Are the Benefits of X-Nav Technology?

Clearly, X-Nav technology provides a wealth of benefits for both our doctors and patients. It makes the procedure far less stressful, as patients can go into the surgery knowing they’ll come out with perfectly placed implants. In fact, the Journal of Oral Implantology remarked that X-Guide navigated surgery is 10 times more accurate than freehand surgery. And when implants are placed in just the right spot, this can also make recovery go a lot easier.

Planning with the X-Guide system also allows patients to have a better idea of what their new teeth will look like. When paired with the Cone Beam 3D system, our doctors can provide a visualization of the virtual teeth so patients can get a preview of their results.

Finally, unlike traditional implant surgery, where doctors need to create and stick with a plan, the X-Guide system uses dynamic navigation principles. This means our doctors can make modifications right before or even during surgery if something looks off.

Choose X-Nav Technology for Your Dental Implants

Lytle, Tate & Stamper are pleased to offer advanced X-Nav technology to all patients. To learn more about how these systems could make your dream of dental implants a reality, contact us today at (626) 792-3161.