While our doctors at Lytle, Tate & Stamper are trained in reducing postoperative complications and maximizing recovery, it’s still common for patients to experience some discomfort as they begin healing. Since prescribing opioids can be dangerous and over-the-counter pain meds aren’t always enough, Exparel is a new solution that provides long-lasting pain relief during recovery.

What Is Exparel?

Exparel is a single-dose medication meant to reduce post-operative pain after dental surgery. So far, over 6 million people have used Exparel since 2012. Our doctors administer the medication as an injection, much like they would with local anesthesia, right after the surgery is complete.

Exparel works as a nerve block, meaning it stops the mouth from sending pain signals to the brain. When administered correctly, studies found that it provides a 46% greater reduction in pain when compared to a placebo. What’s more, it also results in 78% less opioid use versus patients taking a placebo. This can lower the chance of a patient developing an addiction to opioids — a current crisis that’s overwhelming the country.

What Are the Benefits of Exparel?

The main benefit of Exparel is its longevity. When administered type correctly, Exparel keeps working for several days after the surgery. This is often the period when patients experience the most pain, as it’s when the body is still recovering from the procedure.

Patients also won’t need to worry about stopping at the pharmacy or taking pills. Exparel just requires one dose, and it’s administered by our doctors while the patient is still in surgery.

Best of all, unlike opioids, which have numerous other effects on the body, Exparel only numbs the area where the surgery was performed. This means patients won’t feel drowsy or any of the other side effects related to opioids (including addiction).

Who Is a Candidate for Exparel?

To know for sure if a patient is safe to use Exparel during their surgery, our doctors will perform a full exam and medical history review beforehand. Generally, most patients who are healthy enough to have dental surgery can benefit from the pain-reducing qualities of Exparel. However, there are a few contraindications, but our doctors will go over this at the initial consultation.

Overall, while Exparel can be beneficial for any type of oral surgery, it’s particularly effective when used after the following procedures:

What Are the Side Effects of Exparel?

Patients have a low chance of side effects when using Exparel. However, if they do occur, they might include:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Fever

Patients who are experiencing these symptoms after getting Exparel should contact our office, as these can also be signs of post-operative infection or other complications.

Choose Exparel for Your Next Oral Surgery

Exparel is an excellent solution for many patients undergoing oral surgery because it can make the recovery far less painful.

To know for sure if you’re a candidate for this medicine, contact our office today by calling (626) 792-3161.