Older Couple Happily HuggingMany of the patients our doctors see in their Pasadena office take blood thinning medication for different types of medical conditions. People who are at risk of stroke, heart attack, deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism need to take these medications to keep them healthy, but does taking them make it unsafe to have oral surgery? Our doctors’ primary concern is your overall health, and the recommendation they give you during your oral surgery consultation will be based on that concern. Keep reading to learn a little more about how blood thinning medications can affect oral surgery.

Your Oral Surgery Consultation

During your initial consultation at our Pasadena office, our doctors will want to discuss your entire medical history with you. It is vital that you provide truthful answers and a thorough history during your discussion so that they can make the decision for your specific needs. Some things our doctors will need to know include:

• All medical conditions, such as:
• Heart disease
• Stroke
• Liver disease
• Irregular heartbeat
• Kidney disease
• History of blood clots
• All medications, including:
• Who prescribed the medication?
• What is the dosage and frequency of the medication?
• Reason for taking the medication.
• Side effects you’ve experienced on the medication.

If you have a medical condition that requires blood-thinning medication, our doctors may choose to consult with your prescribing physician to determine the potential risks and monitor your medications appropriately.

Oral Surgery While On Blood Thinning Medication

If our doctors decide it is safe for you to undergo oral surgery while on blood-thinning medication, they will take special precautions to encourage your surgical site to clot appropriately. Some treatment options our doctors offer their Pasadena patients include treatment of the surgery site with hemostatic agents that help the blood clot. They may also decide to stitch your gum tissue after your oral surgery to prevent excessive bleeding.

Remember that every man and woman are different, and therefore, they have different needs. Our doctors will take the details of each individual case into consideration when making a decision for or against oral surgery.

Our doctors may choose to perform your oral surgery by recommending you continue taking your medication as prescribed, change the dosage of your medication before your oral surgery, or stop the medication for a short time prior to your surgery. However, do not alter your medications or stop taking them without the advice of your prescribing physician.

Call Our Office Today To Learn More

We realize that you may still have some questions regarding oral surgery and blood-thinning medications. That’s why we recommend you make an appointment with our doctors in their Pasadena office. This is the only way you will know if you can safely undergo oral surgery while on your blood thinning medications, or if medication changes need to be made prior to your surgery day.

Call our office today at (818) 240-1805 to book your appointment with one of our doctors.

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