Older Male and Female Couple Holding Each Other If you’re a Pasadena resident who has lost teeth to infections, extractions or injuries and as a result have dental implants, you likely have several questions about your new tooth replacement solution. What are dental implants made of? How do you care for them? And if I have dental implants, am I still susceptible to cavities?

No, You Can’t Get Cavities in Your Dental Implants

After dealing with several oral issues, many of Lytle, Tate & Stamper’s Pasadena dental implants patients are thrilled to hear that these prosthetic teeth are not susceptible to tooth decay and therefore, can’t get cavities. This is because dental implants are not real teeth – although they are the strongest and most realistic tooth replacement system currently on the market. They are made of a titanium screw that acts as a tooth root, which is then covered with a zirconia crown. This strong zirconia crown looks and acts like a natural tooth, but can’t be penetrated by plaque and bacteria, or decay like a natural tooth. 

However, You Still Need to Practice Good Oral Hygiene

When some Pasadena dental implants patients hear that these replacement teeth can’t get cavities, they think they no longer need to practice typical proper oral hygiene. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because you have a few dental implants, doesn’t mean that you can’t get cavities in your remaining natural teeth. And even if you’ve had all of your natural teeth replaced with dental implants, you still need to care for your implants to protect them against implant failure, as well as care for your gums.

Regardless of how many dental implants a Pasadena patient has, he or she should always:

  • Brush their teeth twice a day;
  • Floss their teeth once a day;
  • Visit their regular dentist twice a year for regular checkups and cleanings; and
  • See Lytle, Tate & Stamper for a checkup on your dental implants once a year.

More Benefits of Dental Implants

In addition to being unable to get cavities, dental implants offer a number of other benefits, too. These include:

  • They are natural looking, and typically can’t be detected as false teeth;
  • They function like natural teeth, so you can eat anything you like, including super crunchy or chewy foods;
  • They fuse with your jaw, so they are not removable and won’t slip and slide like dentures; and
  • They are designed to last a lifetime, when patients properly care for them.

Learning More About Dental Implants

If you have teeth that need to be replaced, the doctors at Lytle, Tate & Stamper understand you likely have lots of questions. After all, getting dental implants is an investment in time and money for Pasadena patients, so it makes sense that you want to get all your questions answered before going ahead with the surgery.

To get your dental implants questions answered, schedule a consultation with the doctors of Lytle, Tate & Stamper themselves. During this appointment, they will fully evaluate your mouth, create a personalized treatment plan for you, and answer any questions you have about dental implants or the procedure to get them.

To schedule your appointment today by calling (626) 792-3161.

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