Immediate dental implants are often used in emergencies, or for times when a damaged tooth cannot be replaced. Here in Glendale, immediate dental implants can be performed by local surgeons, preventing patients from having to drive to Los Angeles or further. But how long does it take to place immediate dental implants and what can you expect before undergoing such a procedure?

Early Implants Took Time

In the past, patients needed to wait several months in between sessions. The damaged tooth was carefully removed months prior to an implant being inserted into the spot. The patient would then need to wait while the implant healed, using a temporary insert to stand in for the tooth. Only after the implant had grafted and healed could a permanent replacement be installed.

Implants Have Become Faster and More Effective

These days, immediate dental implants can be placed much faster. While the needs of individual patients may vary, many can receive their implants in just a single visit and many others require only two short visits spaced just a few days apart. The dentist installs the implant and adds the replacement tooth, then bonds it with sealant to hold it in place. Depending upon the patient, the replacement tooth can be added as soon as the implant is in place, or the patient can come back a few days later to complete the procedure.

Call Lytle, Tate & Stamper for Immediate Dental Implants

If you have a damaged tooth in need of replacement, the Glendale immediate dental implants specialists at Lytle, Tate & Stamper are here to help. We have many decades of experience and utilize the latest techniques to ensure a comfortable and effective procedure. Don’t spend months in discomfort waiting for an implant to heal. Call us to schedule your consultation today.

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