Dental emergencies differ little from other types of medical emergencies: they must be addressed promptly or further damage may occur. This is especially true in the case of dental implants, which are used in cases when a tooth cannot be saved and must be replaced quickly. Here in Pasadena, emergency dental implants require a local surgeon to perform quickly. Otherwise, the patient must travel to Los Angeles or even further: taking longer than necessary to reach qualified help. But how long does it take to get emergency dental implants once you reach a qualified dentist?

Technological Advancements Make For a Faster Process

The process of replacing a damaged tooth is fairly straightforward. The dentist first removes the tooth while keeping the surrounding bone and gum tissue intact, then inserts an implant and uses bone-grafting material to hold it in position. A skilled dentist can perform the operation while keeping the patient’s natural smile intact. In the past, this process could take months, since the implant needs to heal and set in the jawbone before the final tooth can be attached. This is still true in some cases, but often the process can be completed in a single day, with the surgeon placing a crown immediately following implant surgery. Alternately, the surgeon can take an impression on the day of surgery, and then attach the crown a few days later.

Lyle, Tate & Stamper for Emergency Dental Implants

Here in Pasadena, emergency dental implants patients trust the experts at Lyle, Tate & Stamper. Our skilled surgeons use the latest techniques to ensure your comfort and safety, and we will perform the procedure with speed and efficiency. If you’re in need of emergency dental implants, call us right away – we’re here to help.

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