Mature Man In White Dress Shirt Smiling In Front of Office BuildingThere are a large number of reasons why someone in Pasadena might be seeking out dental implants, as they are one of the most popular choices for a patient who needs restorative dental treatment, a fact that our doctors would gladly attest to. While dental implants do have a number of benefits in terms of replacing and improving the function of individual teeth, they can also help preserve a patient’s jawbone as well.

How can an implant help preserve one of the largest bones in the human face though? In order to fully answer this question, some knowledge of dental anatomy is actually required.

How Does the Jawbone Regenerate?

Most people are not aware of this fact, but the jawbone is constantly regenerating and taking care of itself over the course of its lifetime. This is an absolutely vital function for it to perform, as it is largely responsible for maintaining the structure of the human face. In the simplest possible terms, without a jawbone to rely on, a person’s face would simply collapse and begin to sink into itself.

Because the jawbone is regularly being depleted of minerals and cells, it needs to have a mechanism in place to refresh itself, and thankfully it does – in the form of chewing. Every time one tooth in a patient’s mouth touches another tooth, the roots in their teeth and gum send out signals to the periodontal ligament.

Once these signals are sent out, the periodontal ligament then begins to release nutrients and minerals that aid in the production of new jawbone. This helps to ensure that the jawbone continuously remains strong and functional throughout the course of its lifecycle.

What Role Do Dental Implants Play in this Process?

Dental implants play a very vital role in helping to regenerate the jawbone. When a person in Pasadena loses teeth or is even missing a single tooth, the periodontal ligament receives less signal input from the teeth about sending cells to regenerate the jaw. As such, it leaves the jawbone in a position to become weaker over time, which could lead to health problems.

By having dental implants inserted, a patient in Pasadena is helping to permanently fix this problem from their lives. One of our highly skilled doctors will fit the dental implants into the open space making sure there are no gaps in the mouth. This will allow for the periodontal ligament to continuously receive signals from the teeth and to continue to stimulate jawbone growth.

The great thing about dental implants is that they are not prone to breakage, and so the patient’s jaw will be able to continue to fortify and stimulate its growth at a regular and natural pace, without any kind of interruption. Having a healthy jawbone, simply put, is one of the essential pillars of maintaining excellent oral health.

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