Wisdom teeth are the “back teeth” in the four corners of your mouth: the last to come in and often the ones that cause the most problems. Because most people’s mouths are too small to fit all 32 adult teeth, wisdom teeth become impacted or come in at odd angles. They’re difficult to clean, they can be very painful, and the longer they are left in your mouth, the stronger their roots become: making them increasingly difficult to remove. Most dentists recommend removing the wisdom teeth in the patient’s teens or early twenties, and when it comes to wisdom teeth extraction, Pasadena has dental specialists ready to help. But how are wisdom teeth removed? Read on for the answers.

A Simple Procedure

The procedure begins with X-rays to determine the exact position of the teeth. The surgeon then numbs the teeth and surrounding parts of the mouth, usually with a local anesthetic, though general anesthesia is still used in some cases. Once the area is numb, incisions are made into the gum to get to the teeth. In some cases, a drill is used to cut through any bone covering the teeth as well. In cases where the teeth have already emerged from the gums, the surgeon will also loosen the tissue connecting it to your mouth.

With the teeth now visible, the surgeon carefully loosens them; if a tooth is in danger of breaking, it will be cut into sections for easier removal. The surgeon then pulls the teeth from their sockets and closes the area with self-dissolving stitches. The patient can then return home, though the surgeon usually includes a few instructions. Patients should have someone accompany them to drive after the procedure is over.

Trust Lytle, Tate & Stamper for Wisdom Teeth Removal

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