Mature Couple Smiling Away From CameraMature Couple Smiling Away From CameraIf you are a Pasadena resident and have missing or loose teeth caused by periodontal disease, you’re probably wondering whether or not our doctors would consider taking you on as a dental implant patient. Periodontal disease is a serious oral condition and not one that should be present when having dental implants placed. But just because you’re suffering from this condition now, doesn’t necessarily mean you will never be able to have dental implants. Keep reading as we explain more.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is typically caused by poor oral hygiene in Pasadena men and women. This disease occurs when patients who suffer from gingivitis do not intervene to remedy their condition. When patients are experiencing periodontal disease, they will have red, swollen, and tender gums and the inner layer of the gum and bone will pull away from the teeth. This leaves deep pockets where food and debris can collect and cause infection. When this happens, the gum tissue and bone will begin to deteriorate, and as the disease progresses, more and more bone and tissue will be destroyed resulting in teeth that become loose and fall out.

Periodontal disease is very serious and requires intervention, especially if you hope to have dental implants placed. However, having periodontal disease does not automatically disqualify you from having dental implants. This disease is treatable, and its effects can be reversed if you do what is required to regain your healthy gums.

How Can My Periodontal Disease Be Treated?

In order for our doctors to consider their Pasadena patients for dental implants, they will require them to have healthy gums and jawbone. Therefore, you will need to have your periodontal disease professionally treated. First, the plaque and deposits will need to be removed by a process called scaling where hand or ultrasonic instruments are used to clean the deep pockets that have been created along the affected teeth. In some cases, periodontists will also apply antimicrobial products to help encourage healing within the deep pockets. For men and women who have severe periodontal disease, surgery may be required to completely remove all of the debris and infection from the affected gum tissue.

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If you live in the Pasadena and believe you’ll need dental implants soon but are worried that having periodontal disease will disqualify you, don’t lose hope. By having a full examination from one of our doctors, you will be able to know whether or not you qualify for dental implants. And if you’ve recently undergone periodontal disease treatment, our doctors will know how to proceed and whether or not you will need a bone and/or gum graft before having your implants placed. Regardless, it’s important that you get your answer straight from the mouths of our professional doctors.

Call our doctors today to schedule your initial consultation. They are all ADA recognized specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery and always use the latest techniques and products on the dental market today. Call their office in Pasadena at (626) 792-3161.

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