Female with Dental Implants Thinking About Emergency CareA loose dental implant can be alarming for a patient who realizes their typically secure tooth is feeling wobbly or out of place. This is not normal, and your doctor should be consulted right away – in our Pasadena office, our staff is available to help when and if your implant becomes loose.

What Can Cause a Loose Implant?

There are a few possibilities that may cause a loose implant to require emergency treatment:

  • Loose abutment
  • Bone loss
  • Loose crown
  • Failed implant

An abutment is the small piece of hardware connecting the crown to the implant screw. This is the most common cause of loose implants, with studies showing up to 33% of cases are caused by a loosened abutment. In these cases, both the implant screw and crown can often be saved, making your treatment relatively simple. It is vital, however, to get this repaired as soon as possible to avoid damage to your bone, gums, or other teeth.

Bone loss may also be the cause of a loose dental implant. If you have had some damage to bone density over time due to infection, gum disease, or a lack of successful bone integration, the implant screw can become loose. These cases are more severe and will require emergency treatment to remove the implant screw. A bone graft will often be needed to guarantee a supportive base for the replacement implant.

Lastly, a loose crown could also be causing a feeling of looseness around your dental implant. It is possible for the crown to loosen from the abutment over time, often caused by teeth grinding or other injuries. If the crown is still in good shape, it is possible to repair it with bonding and screw it back onto the abutment.

How to Prevent a Loose Dental Implant

There are a few ways to help avoid a dental implant becoming loose over time. We recommend taking the following steps to ensure your dental implant reaches its full longevity:

  • Avoid hard, sticky, or crunchy foods that can wear down your crown and aggravate the implant
  • Practice excellent oral hygiene at all times to prevent gum disease and infection that could eventually develop into complications with your dental implant
  • Be sure to see your hygienist for cleanings twice yearly, and have a yearly check-in with your dental surgeon

Lastly, it is relevant to note that dental implants are one of the most successful medical or dental procedures that exist. With a consistent success rate of over 95%, it is uncommon to see complications arising from dental implant operations. At Lytle, Tate & Stamper, our team is comprised of ADA recognized specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery who are ready to take on whatever obstacles may arise.

Our office in Pasadena is one of Southern California’s most experienced dental implant practices. With state-of-the-art advanced technology and a dedicated staff of implant specialists, we can take on any implant and post-implant situations that arise.

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