Zygomatic implants are used in cases where the bone in the upper jaw has severely degraded. The name refers to the zygomatic bone, which possesses a density unseen in other types of bone and provides the requisite strength to support the implant of new teeth. For residents of Pasadena, zygomatic implants can be performed locally without having to travel to Los Angeles. But do zygomatic implants hurt? To answer this, it helps to understand the possible alternatives.

Hope for Difficult Cases

The Zygomatic implant procedure was developed in the 1980s by P.I. Branemark, and was first performed in 1998. Before that, patients with severely resorbed jaws had few options for dental implants beyond bone grafts: a lengthy and painful process requiring multiple sessions to properly implement. Patients of such procedures often complained of severe pain, requiring medication to address.

Zygomatic Implants Are Faster, More Effective and Less Painful

With zygomatic implants, pain and discomfort is severely reduced. The surgeon installs implants by placing them directly into your cheekbones, rather than using a graft or similarly painful process. Once the implant is properly anchored, the surgeon can immediately attach a provisional prosthesis, with more permanent fixtures applied quickly thereafter. Because the procedure is far less invasive than bone grafts, it takes much less time and causes much less pain. A certain amount of discomfort is not uncommon, but the speed of the zygomatic implant procedure reduces it to an absolute minimum. More importantly, it allows the dentist to restore your teeth and jaw quickly, returning both strength and aesthetic beauty to your mouth.

Lytle, Tate & Stamper Perform Zygomatic Implants

For those wondering if zygomatic implants hurt, let us put your concerns to rest. We utilize the most advanced techniques and our trained staff has the experience to perform the implant swiftly and effectively. If you live in Pasadena, zygomatic implants by Lytle, Tate & Stamper could be the answer to restoring your mouth. Call to schedule your consultation today.

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