Older Caucasian Male With Glasses and Plaid Shirt Smiling Outdoors Dental implants in Pasadena are one of the most popularly used choices in modern dentistry, and with how effective they are, especially in terms of their long-term usage, it is not hard to see why. In fact, many professional dental practitioners, even our own doctors included, would say that, in terms of modern dental medicine, dental implants are nothing short of a miracle.

However, receiving dental implants is still a type of surgery. When a prospective patient is being considered for this type of work, it is important that they self-evaluate, and then speak with our doctors, about whether or not they are a good candidate for dental implants. So what kind of factors need to be taken into account in terms of being a good candidate for dental implants in the first place?

Is There Enough Jawbone to Work With?

Of all of the questions that need to be posed upfront about dental implants, this is probably the single most important one to answer. A dental implant needs to be anchored to the patient’s jawbone for it to be successful.  As a result, the patient’s bone density must be high enough to support the amounts of implants needed.

If a patient’s bone density or quality is not sufficient enough, there are other treatment options they can explore. In those cases, the most common course of action is for the patient to undergo a bone graft, which will help them grow new jawbone and increase the amount of space our doctors have to work with.

Is the Patient in Good Overall Health? 

Another factor which has to be taken into consideration is the overall health of the patient. Receiving dental implants is still a type of surgery, and just as with any other type of surgery, it is important to know where the patient stands in terms of their medical conditions. Those who are suffering from conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses are still candidates, but it may take them longer to heal from the surgery.

Are the Patient’s Gums Healthy?

One of the most important things a patient needs to consider when thinking about receiving dental implants in Pasadena is how healthy their gums are. Having healthy gums is an important factor in making sure that the dental implants are not rejected after being put in by our doctors. If a person is suffering from periodontal disease, they are more likely to experience failure after the surgery.

How Committed Is the Patient to Their Oral Health?

When receiving dental implants in Pasadena, it is important for the patient to realize they are running a marathon, not a short sprint. They will need to be committed, in full, to taking care of the implants after the surgery has been successfully completed. That means the patient needs to focus on flossing, brushing, and otherwise maintaining excellent oral health long after the surgery.

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