Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we deal with the ever-changing effects of the Covid-19 virus. We have instituted new protection measures in accordance with the CDC and the Department of Public Health of California for your safety. This includes enhanced personal protective equipment worn by doctors and staff, office waiting room closure for social distancing, new HEPA air filtration systems, new antiviral environmental technology, and Covid-19 nasal testing of staff, doctors and patients. Nasal testing is the cornerstone of our defense. Staff and doctors will be frequently tested. Before entering the office, all patients including anyone accompanying the patient must be pre-tested. Testing will be done in the comfort of your own car at our La Canada or Pasadena offices with the help of our staff. This is by appointment only. Our goal is to attempt to achieve a Covid-19 free zone for the safety of all involved.

The first step is to become a patient. You must register online. Please complete and sign all of the registration forms and submit online. Existing or active patients must reregister as well. This must be done prior to scheduling any testing, consultations, surgery or follow-ups. You may also fax your signed forms to our Pasadena office at 626-792-9442 or to our La Canada office at 818-952-6437. Payment for nasal testing can be made once registration is complete. When you contact our office to schedule your Covid-19 testing, we will collect payment of $100 over the telephone. Please understand that your cost for the testing is what the outside lab charges us. We make zero profit on the test and are providing the nasal collection as a courtesy to you. We have instituted this series of steps to expedite your treatment. You will not receive a separate bill from the Lab for Covid-19 testing. If you wish to obtain Covid-19 nasal testing elsewhere, please have your results faxed or emailed to prior to your first appointment. If no lab results from an outside lab are received then you will be rescheduled. Results which are many days or weeks old will not be accepted and will require retesting.

Once registered online and testing is paid (or previously completed at another site) you can now set up all of your appointments. Appointments can be made by calling to speak to our front office staff at 626-792-3161 in Pasadena or 818-952-8183 in La Canada. When calling back, please inform us that registration is complete. Rest assured that all insurance issues and cost of treatment will be discussed at the time of consultation prior to surgery. Although we do not submit to insurance for Covid-19 testing, we will provide you with a receipt of payment for your submission for potential reimbursement. We still accept most insurance types for the surgery itself.

Our office waiting rooms are now closed. Instead, your car will now serve as your waiting area prior to any testing, consults or surgery. This is for your safety. Our staff will be in contact with you via your cell phone. When you arrive at our office for testing or otherwise, please park in our lot, stay in your car and call our receptionist to notify us of your arrival. Please have all occupants wear a mask. For initial testing, a staff member will come out to your car and aid you in obtaining the nasal specimen (approx. 10 min). Specimens are then sent to a testing laboratory. Results will be available in our office the next business day and a staff member will call you with your results. Consults and Surgery will then be confirmed. Ideally, the consultation and surgery are best done as close to the testing date as possible and you should self-isolate during that interim. When you return after testing for consultation and/or surgery, the same process of remaining in your car will be followed.

Should you develop any symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, or change in taste or smell, please call the office immediately. In the rare event your test is positive, you will be immediately contacted & given instructions for further care. Almost all patients tested are Covid-19 negative. We are excited to have you as patient and we thank you for your cooperation. If these instructions seem difficult to accomplish or overwhelming, please contact our front office for further instructions.