Blonde Woman In Pain While Rubbing her CheekAre you or your teenager suffering problems with wisdom teeth? If so, you might be wondering what the common reasons are for wisdom teeth removal. Every year, our doctors perform wisdom teeth extraction surgery for patients in Pasadena. And as you’ll see from the content below, there are many different reasons why you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed. 

Don’t Let Wisdom Teeth Cause You Pain

15% of Pasadena residents are lucky because their wisdom teeth come in without causing any pain. Most are not that fortunate. The fact is, your wisdom teeth can’t erupt because they’re blocked by other teeth or your jawbone. Since you don’t need your wisdom teeth, why go through this unnecessary pain? Choose wisdom teeth extraction, instead.

There’s No Need for Unnecessary Swelling

When wisdom teeth come in, either by erupting or if they’re impacted, they often cause swelling of the gums, jaw, and cheeks. Swollen gums and jaws can be tender to the touch, and swollen cheeks can be embarrassing. If your mouth or face is swelling up because your wisdom teeth are coming in, consider getting them removed, stat.

Unremoved Wisdom Teeth Can Become Infected

As if the pain and swelling often associated with getting these adult teeth isn’t enough to make you choose to have your wisdom teeth extracted, we see many Pasadena area residents a year whose wisdom teeth have become infected. This is because the tiny cuts in your gums that are caused by erupting wisdom teeth can become infected with the bacteria that normally occurs in your mouth, or that is formed by lodged, decaying food debris.

Erupting Wisdom Teeth Can Ruin Your Beautiful Smile

Our mouths are designed to hold 28 teeth – which all children get in their youth. Just a few hundred years ago, though, that wasn’t the case, and our ancestors often lost teeth in their teens or early adulthood which is why we get wisdom teeth in the first place. But, because today’s Pasadena residents don’t have extra space in their mouth for these four additional teeth, they often crowd and move your existing teeth, thus ruining your beautiful smile. Instead of losing the smile you love, choose wisdom teeth extraction.

Avoid These Problems To Begin With

A final reason that teens and young adults get their wisdom teeth removed is that they don’t want to deal with any of these problems above, to begin with. Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t erupting or causing any symptoms, our doctors can tell, via X-ray, if they’re prepared to come in. If that’s the case, you might as well avoid all of these unnecessary inconveniences in the first place. 

Schedule Your Wisdom Teeth Examination Today

If you’re showing any of the symptoms of erupting or impacted wisdom teeth, or your wisdom teeth haven’t come in yet, but you’re a teen or young adult, we recommend that you visit our doctors for a wisdom teeth examination. During this appointment, we can prepare a personalized treatment plan for you. Schedule your appointment today by contacting our Pasadena office at (818) 240-1805.



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