When considering dental surgery to replace a damaged tooth, you may find yourself asking if immediate dental implants as strong as natural teeth. Dentures and implants inserted with older techniques lack the biting and chewing power of natural teeth. If immediate dental implants are required, it’s natural to assume you’re making a compromise in quality to have teeth right away, but here in La Canada, immediate dental implants can be inserted with more advanced techniques that retain the chewing power of healthy natural teeth.

Technological Advancements Make Implants More Reliable

Immediate implants are usually used when a tooth is damaged beyond repair. The surgeon first removes the damaged tooth and then inserts an implant into the socket. Modern techniques ensure that the surrounding gum tissue is left intact and that the bone of the jaw isn’t damaged. Once the implant has bonded to the bone, the surgeon attaches a replacement tooth to the implant and seals it with bone grafting material. Though the specifics depend on the individual patient, the process can often be performed in a single day, or in two sessions just a few days apart.

Strength Is Retained

Implants are designed to retain the original strength of your natural teeth, allowing you to bite and chew with the same confidence as before. Furthermore, a skilled surgeon will retain the contours of your teeth, ensuring that your smile remains intact and that you can chew with no discomfort or pain. The speed of the technique has no noticeable effect on the strength of the implant, and immediate dental implants are no less reliable than implants that take longer to install.

Lyle, Tate & Stamper Perform Immediate Dental Implants

In La Canada, immediate dental implants can be performed by the highly trained team at Lyle, Tate & Stamper. Our patients often ask “are immediate dental implants as strong as natural teeth?” and we strive to ensure that everyone who undergoes the procedure can answer yes without reservation. Contact our office today to set up an appointment, and let us show you how immediate dental implants can work for you!

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