“My treating dentist referred me to Dr. Lytle for the extraction of a failed root canal molar. Being that I already hate going to the dentist, the idea of an extraction was abhorrent to me… And I was not prepared to undergo a fourth root canal on the same tooth! I arrived at Dr. Lytle’s office very nervous and fearful. But he removed all my fears with his confident, professional manner. The procedure was completely painless and Dr. Lytle even personally called me the next morning to see how I was doing.

Oral health complications are nothing new for me, as I have consistently had chronic abscesses and problems with my teeth as a result of an autoimmune system disease. So when I complained to my dentist about the constant pain and sensitivity I was experiencing with my mouth, she made the recommendation and referral to Dr. Lytle. I happily returned to his office.

After a careful examination and X-Rays, I was diagnosed with “failed dentition.” The end result was that all of my upper teeth needed to be removed. So Dr. Lytle gave me the following options: A) a removable top denture, B) remove teeth one at a time and replace with an implant, or C) the All-on-4® treatment concept. I ended up choosing All-on-4®. Dr. Lytle kindly worked with my husband, Charles, and I, so that we could arrange for the tests and medical referrals needed prior to the procedure, personally making calls to my treating physician and specialist.

My life after the procedure has been free of pain and abscesses with concomitant fevers, night sweats, and oral antibiotics. I have a beautiful smile now, which has positively affected my self-esteem. My quality of life has increased tenfold – It was the best decision I have ever made. I would recommend Dr. Lytle to anyone, especially if they want quality results that look completely natural.

Aside from being an excellent oral surgeon, Dr. Lytle goes out of his way to offer assistance to his patients. He is a respectable, nice person, and his office staff is equally professional and kind in their manner with patients. My husband says that Dr. Lytle is the best dentist/oral surgeon ever because of his “hands-on” approach, sensitivity, concern and professionalism.”

– Cynthia Mitchell

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