There is a great deal of advertising about dental implant treatment, both in mainstream media and on the Internet. Some of the advertising claims are creating misconceptions about the expertise of the doctors providing dental implant treatment.

For instance, there are general dentists that advertise that they surgically place implants and fabricate the replacement teeth themselves, all under one roof. Many also advertise low price. There are also implant “super” centers that claim to be the experts and leaders in implant dentistry, while also offering affordability and convenience.

We believe that quality of care, patient safety, and optimal treatment outcomes should be more important considerations than low price and convenience when patients are seeking dental implant treatment. The team approach, with a surgical specialist working closely with dentists, offer patients treatment options that are personalized for their unique needs – and ensures their safety during surgical procedures.

Our surgeons are ADA-recognized specialists in oral surgery, with extensive training and experience with surgical implant procedures. We work with dentists in the area, who have extensive training and experience with restorative implant procedures. Providing implant treatment with the team approach allows the doctors to focus on their individual areas of expertise, rather than trying to be a “jack of all trades and master of none” and this results in optimal treatment outcomes for patients.

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