Mature Male In Plaid Shirt Sitting In Dental Chair Talking To Doctor With Assistant SmilingThere are a lot of people in Pasadena, and around the entire United States, in fact, who struggle with dental anxiety. This is often a common issue that our doctors must contend with on a regular basis, and as such, we have quite a lot of practice and experience in helping patients calm down and get through their visits in a reasonable manner while avoiding sedation dentistry.

While sedation dentistry is certainly an option which our doctors would be happy to speak with any interested party about, there are several things a patient can do completely on their own to help make the experience less intense for them and mitigate their anxiety.  But what exactly are these things, and how can a patient begin to implement them into their regular dental routine without the need for sedation dentistry?

Be Forward About the Way They Are Feeling About Their Dental Visit

One of the simplest, and most important things, a patient can do when they come to visit our doctors is to simply tell them how they feel at the outset of the visit. After discussing their feelings with the dentist, both parties can decide whether sedation dentistry is an option they would like to explore. This allows the patient to feel more relaxed during the treatment and doesn’t involve any kind of discomfort.

In addition, there are several other things a patient can do at the outset of the visit as well. They can ask the dentist as many questions as they deem necessary to feel comfortable, and our doctors would be more than happy to answer each and every one of them. They can also set up a system wherein, during the procedure, a patient can simply put their hand up, and the dentist will stop what they are doing and attend to the patient.

Relaxation is the Key to a Great Dental Visit

Another option a patient may be interested in exploring is utilizing relaxation techniques either before or during their dental exam in Pasadena. One of the most popular and simple techniques is a breath count, which is when a patient sets a predetermined number in their head and then simply counts to it while breathing each time.

Another relaxation technique is a full body scan, wherein a person looks over their whole body, from head to toe, and tries to identify points of tension in their body before the dental visit. If possible, they can also try and massage the tension out slightly before the dentist begins the exam, so the need for sedation dentistry isn’t needed.

Technology And Other Distractions Are Also Helpful

One of the great thing about going to see a sedation dentistry specialist in Pasadena is that there are all kinds of forms of technology a person can choose to distract themselves with. They can use headphones to block out the sound of a drill and listen to music, watch a movie if the dentist’s office has a television and DVD player, or even read a book, depending on what type of procedure is being done.

To schedule a consultation and discuss sedation dentistry, contact our doctors in the Pasadena area at (818) 208-5800.

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