Elderly Woman Smiling with Hair in a Bun Outside her HomeDental implants are a popular tooth replacement system in Pasadena and beyond, but there is misinformation circulating about them. This false information often causes Pasadena residents to avoid this tooth replacement option because they think that dental implants aren’t the right solution for them. To make sure you are completely educated about this new, state-of-the-art tooth replacement system, our doctors have prepared this list of 3 common dental implant myths and have provided information to debunk them.

Myth #1: Getting Dental Implants Hurts Badly

Many Pasadena residents have a fear of going to the dentist due to the perceived amount of pain they will feel. Whether they’ve had a painful experience in the past, or have heard dental horror stories, these San Gabriel Valley residents are especially fearful of having oral surgery.

While there may be a myth circulating that getting dental implants is very painful, it isn’t true. First, most of our dental implants patients say that getting their teeth extracted is more painful than the implant process. Second, our doctors work diligently to ensure you are comfortable throughout your entire tooth replacement process. Not only will you be numbed with a local anesthesia at the site where your implants are being placed, but you also have additional sedation options to help you relax or be completely asleep during your oral surgery.

Myth #2: Bridges are as Equally Beneficial as Dental Implants

Despite all the information and literature that dental implants are the best tooth replacement system on the market, some Pasadena residents believe that getting a bridge is just as good. However, that’s simply untrue. First, bridge work affects your adjacent teeth because they must be drilled down and crowned to hold your replacement tooth in place. Second, a bridge doesn’t insert anything into your jawbone to stimulate jawbone growth, so bridges may lead to jawbone resorption. Next, bridges don’t have the same rate of success as dental implants, which has been found to be somewhere around 95% to 98%. And finally, bridges often break and need to be replaced, whereas dental implants are meant to last a lifetime.

Myth #3: Dental Implants Cost Too Much

Another common myth that concerns some Pasadena residents is that dental implants are too expensive. The truth is, that although dental implants are not cheap, they are the highest quality tooth replacement option available. Often people look at the short-term benefits when considering dental work. They compare the cost of a bridge to dental implants may not understand that implants are designed to last a lifetime, whereas bridge work is known to break and need replacement, which is not only expensive but can lead to more costly oral health issues. Investing your money into quality dental implants is worth every penny when you consider the long-term savings.                                                   

Debunking Other Myths

If you’ve heard other types of information about dental implants through the grapevine, but you’re not sure if that information is correct, the best thing you can do is ask our doctors to set the record straight.

You can call us at any time with your questions, or schedule a consultation appointment at our office in Pasadena by calling (818) 240-1805.


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