Mature Woman Sitting On White Couch Smiling Holding a Green AppleOf all the long term, larger scale options to replace missing teeth that are available, none is likely to be more commonly used in the course of a patient’s treatment than the insertion of dental implants. They allow the patient to get the most usage out of them, in terms of the fact that they function most similarly to their natural teeth as far as design, function and usage, and maintenance requirements. They are very helpful in terms of making patients feel like they can chew and eat properly once again.

However, because they function so similarly to real teeth, dental implants must also be taken care of in a very specific manner. For those who live in Glendale and are looking to learn more about how to correctly use their dental implants, our doctors have a couple of tips and tricks for them which they may find useful, especially when they are first getting to know their new implants.

Make Things Easy on the Mouth In the Beginning

When a patient has first received a new set of dental implants in Glendale, it is important to allow the mouth and jaw enough time to sufficiently recover. There are a number of things they can do to help themselves recover in a timely manner, and first and foremost among them is changing their diet. Stick to soft foods that are easy to eat, such as eggs, oatmeal, applesauce, and soups for the first couple of weeks. Patients will not be required to permanently use this diet, but it is extremely helpful in giving the mouth and jaw time to get acclimated to the implants.

Brush the Dental Implants on a Regular Schedule

As our doctors in Glendale would gladly be the first to tell a prospective patient, another key part of successfully getting used to eating with dental implants is maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene. That means patient needs to brush and floss their implants after each and every meal, as this will help keep them clean and allow the dental implants to last for a very long time.

Modify a Diet as Time Goes on For the Dental Implants

As a person gets more comfortable with their dental implants, they can slowly begin to reintroduce hard or crunchy foods back into their diet once again. However, they should keep in mind that they want to at least partially limit how much of those types of foods they eat, as they could scuff or otherwise damage the implants if they eat too much of that type of sustenance. By being mindful of their diet, patients will not only be sure that the dental implants last for many years to come, but they will also see improvements to their overall general health as well.

If you live in Glendale and think that dental implants might be something you are interested in pursuing, our doctors would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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