A dental emergency isn’t something you plan for, it just happens. You might bite down on something too hard or suffer from a physical injury that affects your teeth.

If your tooth is irreparably damaged, Lytle, Tate, & Stamper can perform the extraction and implant during the same procedure so that you won’t have to wait to restore your smile. Our office in Pasadena offers emergency dental implants for patients who require immediate treatment.

What Are Emergency Dental Implants?

Like other bones, teeth can fracture. This damage can result in the loss of your natural tooth or need to anchor a crown or dental prosthetic with a dental implant. While routine dental procedure is to extract the tooth and eventually replace it with an implant, emergency dental implants combine tooth extraction and implant anchoring into one procedure.

This combined procedure eliminates the problems associated with waiting between extraction and implant by:

  • Preventing bone loss: Implants need to be anchored to bone to stabilize prosthetic teeth. Waiting between tooth extraction and implant procedure dramatically increases your risk of bone loss and implant failure.
  • Saving gum tissue: Healthy gums are another key to successful dental implants. If your gums are healthy, the procedure will go smoothly and healing time will be reduced.
  • Maintaining function and appearance: By immediately opting for dental implants, you not only keep your smile intact, but preserve your ability to chew and eat normally.

Ultimately, combining procedures has resulted in higher patient satisfaction and much higher success rates.

How Do I Know If I Need Emergency Dental Implants?

Most patients experience severe pain and trouble chewing before visiting our offices. Because extraction is a more serious procedure, patients can tell that something is very wrong the moment it happens. Once you have determined that you need an emergency dentist, we recommend that you contact us immediately for a consultation.

At the consultation, we will evaluate your tooth using:

  • X-rays to determine if your tooth can be saved or needs to be replaced by a dental implant.
  • 3D imaging of teeth and jaws to get more detailed information for the surgical procedure.
  • Expert assessment by one of our surgeons to discuss available options.

Although most patients undergo their procedures within 48 hours, there are some cases that require waiting on an implant due to the need to repair gum tissue or perform additional procedures prior to the dental implant. Regardless of what type of treatment you need, we can provide it to you at our office in Pasadena.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency call our Pasadena office at 626-792-3161 to schedule an appointment.